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Glide  - :Performance album download
Ambient, Experimental, Downtempo
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    Ambient, Experimental, Downtempo
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Consequently, while the new album signals a willingness to ply more melody, they can hardly be considered a regimented bunch just yet. Indeed, on songs such as Fine Slime and Good News, those unhinged elements are still in play. Their’s is an insurgent sound that endures throughout, as evidenced by the determination of It Might Get Dark and the title track in particular.

PERFORMANCE is the second Glide album, and it has a much smoother, more ambient feel than its predecessor

The Glide ratio of an aircraft is the distance of forward travel divided by the altitude lost in that distance. The glide ratio is affected by all of the four fundamental forces that act on an aircraft in flight - lift, drag, weight and thrust. If all these factors remain constant, the glide ratio will not change. However, wind velocity is a very important practical influence on gliding distance over the surface.

Glide guitar is a technique for playing guitar in which the player strums while holding the whammy bar, resulting in a pitch that wavers. It was developed by Irish musician Kevin Shields of My Bloody Valentine on the band's albums You Made Me Realise (1987) and Isn't Anything (1988). Shields often combined this technique with a reverse reverb effect from a Yamaha SPX90 unit, and would also tune two neighboring strings of his guitar to nearly the same pitch.

Glide ratio - Glide ratio, also called, Lift to drag ratio, glide number, or finesse, is an aviation term that refers to the distance an aircraft will move forward for any given amount of lost altitude (the cotangent of the downward angle).

Some aircraft are not designed to glide except in an emergency, such as engine failure. See list of airline flights that required gliding flight. Gliding in a helicopter is called autorotation. Other mammals such as gliding possums and flying squirrels also glide using a patagium, but with much poorer efficiency than bats. They cannot gain height. The animal launches itself from a tree, spreading its limbs to expose the gliding membranes, usually to get from tree to tree in rainforests as an efficient means of both locating food and evading predators.


1a Live At /Ochre 5/ Gloucester Guildhall, 27/11/99: (A) Project Twinkle
1b Live At /Ochre 5/ Gloucester Guildhall, 27/11/99: (B) The Skylon
1c Live At /Ochre 5/ Gloucester Guildhall, 27/11/99: (C) Tales From Europe
1d Live At /Ochre 5/ Gloucester Guildhall, 27/11/99: (D) Cosmos
1e Live At /Ochre 5/ Gloucester Guildhall, 27/11/99: (E) Vortexion 6
1f Live At /Ochre 5/ Gloucester Guildhall, 27/11/99: (F) Valentina Tereshkova
1g Live At /Ochre 5/ Gloucester Guildhall, 27/11/99: (G) The Destroying Angel
2 Prog 2
3 Frozen Teardrop In Space

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